Thursday, January 30, 2020

What A Wonderful Time ft. BOOHOO

Hello my BEAUTIFUL souls!!

How've y'all been??! Oh, how I've missed you. I always find myself slacking on blogging my life and styling tips for you, but here I am again giving another go at it. Today's topic: All things Boohoo & how-to. I was so excited for this post since I just recently began working with Boohoo and couldn't wait to tell you! What this means is to stay tuned for upcoming posts on my Instagram for different looks I come up with in each shipment. Hopefully, this is helpful for those who want to look fabulous but on a budget. No worries babes I got you, you know that;) 
*For the absolute cherry on top, make sure to read to the end to discover: AfterpayUSA* 

I feel as if it's a difficult task to find one brand that encompasses a variety of different styles for reasonable prices. With that said, I'm pretty sure I found that luxury of utopia with @Boohoo. Let me tell you ladies and gents, this website has become my go-to. It's actually encouraged me to discover articles of clothing that I actually never thought I would include in my everyday attire. An example of this is my new cowgirl boots. I know, I know, COWGIRL BOOTS? Who can pull those off? I had thought that I could never, but honey, these happen to be so cute and edgy. Recently I've been wearing them with skirts, dresses, and hoop earrings, and it's honestly a complete statement, or at least I think so. Maybe this has always been a thing and I've only recently become "woke" on the boot movement. Either way, I'd make a purchase if I were you;) Considering I've rambled on about boots, let's move on to another worthwhile item I got, thus urging me out of my comfort zone. One of my favorite pieces at the moment is this detailed organza floral wrap dress. I am in admiration of this dress simply because of the versatility it upholds. I've worn this with my Fila sneakers and at other times a strappy black heel to dress it up. I also love the vibe it emits, that skater dress/party-ready look. How to wear: Tie your hair back to showcase those puffy shoulder sleeves, compliment by popping on a pair of statement earrings, and bam you're the life of the party. Trust me on this one ladies. 

Photographed: Western Boots and Satin Teal Skirt from Boohoo

Then, of course, I had the intention of sharing with you the essential staples. The item that has proved itself most useful in my entire closet is my new boyfriend cardigan in grey. It practically lived on my shoulders this whole week. I don't think I ever fathomed how much I needed a grey cardigan until now, to be quite frank. This has to be due to my infatuation with how it goes with every outfit I wear. I love how it makes me look cozy but at the same time presentable and not sluggish. The boyfriend cardigan was the perfect addition to when I wore a dress and docs, jeans and a tank top, a skirt, jeans, a button-up, etc., you get the point. After this revelation, it's safe to say that the next thing on my agenda is getting one in every color and probably different lengths. 

Photographed: Organza Floral Wrap Dress from Boohoo

FYI: To my surprise, it turns out that even Boohoo Man encapsulates a whole world of clothes. I've been through the site a few times and I can't get over all the hoodies, jackets, and coats. I mean come on, look at these and tell me it isn't a smooth drip. I would definitely check out that portion of the site for all you lads needing to improve that "suave" quality in your looks. 

Not only do we get the pleasure of men's and women's clothing, but wait for it...... There's a his & hers section! If that doesn't say cute and cliché, then at this point I don't know what does. It's personally a bit much for me to get the whole look, but I think it could be kind of cute if for example I had the sweats and my boyfriend had the matching hoodie. Speaking of, my boyfriend is assuredly a sucker for this stuff, bless his heart.  I'm pretty sure if we tattooed his & hers on our foreheads he wouldn't mind haha. That's my guy though:) Anyways, if you're interested, this is the set that appealed to me the most: If I was persuaded enough, I would probably succumb and purchase that set. 

*With all that said, I do have one caveat. Simply make sure you're measuring and purchasing based on your sizes so you don't have the struggle of returning (a common setback for online purchases, unfortunately). This is why I'm usually ambivalent when it comes to online purchasing, however, Boohoo has made it easy for me to size correctly. 

Last but not least, let's remember the graciousness of discount codes. Oh, how we love those gracious discount codes. Use code: BOOHOOU for 55% off all full-priced items or get an additional 10% on sale items;) If you think that promo was good, wait till you hear about the ever so amazing Afterpay USA. What is Afterpay you ask? Basically, you can shop now and pay later in installations, interest-free! So sit back, relax, and enjoy shopping!



Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Transition We've All Been Waiting For...

Hello my BEAUTIFUL souls!

Let me tell you, it's been a long summer. We're finally approaching Fall and while my classes are only just about to start, other schools are almost into midterms. Speaking of school, I can't believe I'm heading into my senior year of college! It feels surreal now that it's happening. I've been waiting for this year my entire life because it signifies that my education is reaching the end. This means I'm almost at that point where I get to wear business attire for the rest of my professional career which makes it all the more exciting! Until then, I've unfortunately got to strut my casual wear on campus.

As I set forth into my last year of school, I've been thinking of ways that I could stay looking cute and presentable whilst being warm and comfy. I struggle with looking nice because let's face it, Seattle is rainy and I always end up roughing it when I get ready for school. However, I'm determined to make this year different: I WILL LOOK CUTE. To execute my plan, I've come up with different "stencils" (basically foundations) upon which to construct outfits.

Stencil #1
The Leggings Fit:
               -black leggings
               -neutral colored sweatshirt
               -sneakers or running shoes

I like this type of outfit because to me it screams "got up and tried, but also wanted to be snug for my long day at school". I love wearing these types of fits since the neutrals give off a serious tone while the outfit itself remains cozy and casual.

Stencil #2
The Sporty Girl:
               -sweater/crewneck/long sleeve tee
               -rain/down jacket
               -Any legging
               -running shoe
               -baseball cap

I believe this is the attire we all tend to fall back on time and again. At least I know I do :) considering that I think I wear this style approximately 4 times a week. The simplicity, as well as comfort that this outfit offers, is what draws me to it every time. My favorite part about it is that most of the time I don't really have to worry about what's underneath when I have a long raincoat over it.

Stencil #3
The Causal Yet Presentable:
               -mom jeans or midi to long slip skirt
               -lace tank top or cami
               -heavy cardigan
               -loafers/white sneaker/bootie/combat boots

Here is my favorite go-to lazy day ensemble because it gives the effect that I've put in the effort but in reality, it's super easy to put together. This is largely due to how I recently became obsessed and developed profound feelings for mom jeans. I love the fact that they're high waisted and tight from the upper half and have a loose-fitting straight leg.  The straight leg allows for room to wear boots like my Doc Martens without having to stuff a pair of skinny jeans into them and rearranging them the whole day. Mom jeans are literally that comfortable.

The three stencils are based on what I value having while I'm at school; comfort, style, realism. These values for my clothing choices and purchases have been made due to factors such as the rainy Seattle weather and walking all over campus. I encourage you to figure out what you ideal/prefer and create a base for your outfits that could make your life easier when you wake up and have trouble figuring out what to wear.

To better construct my outfits, I had to expand my wardrobe. I wanted to share with you guys my recent purchases that demonstrate themselves to be worthwhile. *Now I want to note that I realize some of the items are above the price point most college students want to spend on a particular item, but it really is deserving to have a few staple pieces that you can utilize all year round. Think of it as the cliché quality over quantity debate. Buy it once and never have to buy it again.

Mom jeans- These are really comfortable as I stated above. I'm fond of how they're cropped so nothing gets on the hems. The ones I bought are from Zara retailing from $39.99+.
Doc Martens- Boots like this are great for cold weather and protect from anything getting inside them. I have the Sinclair Docs that retail at $195.
Nike sneakers- I seriously can't live without these since they go with almost any attire and are great for walking on campus. $50+
Lace tanks- I enjoy these lacy camis with a heavy cardigan on days when I don't know if the weather is going to switch up on me from warm to cold. I got mine from H&M for $17+
Jean jacket- This has honestly been a real go-to item of mine because I can throw it on over sweaters or sweatshirts to make an outfit look nice. I recommend getting an oversized one so that you have room to layer. I purchased mine from Levi's at Nordstrom for $100.
Sheer/patterned tights- Tights are genuinely great because they're an easy fix to staying toasty when you feel like wearing a skirt or dress on windy Fall days.
Baseball cap- I end up resorting to baseball caps when I just can't get my hair to be kind and work with me.

Just about a month ago when I was on a shopping spree, I had an epiphany. Honestly, thank God I did because it's been saving me money and heartbreak. What I realized is that I need to have a certain mentality when it comes to shopping. The idea is to shop according to what I know I'm going to wear and use on a regular basis. This is such a big deal for me since I always tend to go shopping and purchase items that yes, might be cute, but I'll never have a chance to wear (Aka my four pastel pantsuits I impulsively bought!). So ask yourself, "How many times and what would I wear this with?" Another quick tip that I recommend you keep in mind when purchasing anything is to go try it on in-store so that you can make sure you actually fancy the item- because let's be real, we all know we're too lazy to return stuff that we ordered online. I know I am!

With that said, I want to wish you all a great quarter! Or for others, a great rest of the semester! Remember to make this year's Fall season fun. Grab all the coffee you can get your hands on, go pumpkin shopping, hike with friends, and most important of all: bake amazing desserts. This year I told myself that I'm not going to be lazy and sit at home. I plan to make the most out of this fun time and keep myself engaged in different activities. I motivate you to do the same!


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