Monday, March 5, 2018

All About Prints

Hello Lovelies!

Finally back with another post! How've you guys been? Hopefully good haha

It's almost spring and I've been waiting for it ever so patiently so that I could pull out all my prints! Let's just jump right in:)

This look is inspired by curtains. Wait what? Yasmeena.... curtains? Yes, curtains. As a kid I would always admire my mom's paisley and embroidered curtains and thought they would be beautiful as a shirt or a gown. So once I found these gorgeous gold satin trousers I knew I had to have them because they're such a unique item to have in your closet. I see these as being worn on the days where you want to be classy but still comfortable enough to not be dictated by the outfit and lose yourself in it (because remember, the pants are the highlight, but YOU want to be the star of the show).

Along with the pants, I paired it with a semi off the shoulder white wrap around blouse. The reason I chose this top is because it adds character to the outfit but is also crisp enough to compliment the bottoms due to it's being white and doesn't steal too much attention. Another option you have for pairing with a print is fixating on a black top. My go to's are black and white, or the occasional complimentary color that is already provided in the print that could match it. For shoes, I wore a pair of white/cream heels. The chosen shoes elevate the outfit because it goes white-print-white, thus the attention is on the pants. These heels are an essential to any wardrobe because of the versatility that they offer. I wear these heels with almost any outfit and they never fail in making me look proper and professional. Now onto accessories! I thought that because this is already a stand out look, I would go easy on the jewelry. On my wrist I have two simple gold bangles, and I wore emerald green gold edged earrings so that I wouldn't look washed out (so just to add a pop of color).

Photo details:

Loved shooting with Meenal! Check her out if you want photos near the Seattle area!
Her info:

Meenal Patel
IG: meenalphotography

Trousers: H&M Lebanon
Heels: Mix No. 6
Earrings: Aldo


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