Monday, July 31, 2023

A New Chance At Life

April 29 2023

Joy. Pure Joy. What a different world it is that children dwell in. 


“Mommy Mommy!” A child shouting, as he rode past me on his little scooter in his mother’s direction. I don’t know why, but for a moment I wished he was calling out to me. I had gotten a warm tingling in my heart imagining what it’d be like to feel needed and wanted by a child; to be a mother. I now wondered if one day I’d be blessed enough to care for my own little baby. A baby that would be a light in this malicious place we call Earth. Sadly, this thing we call Earth, is where children grow up and learn how to destroy each other, how to judge, how to cheat others. 

I wanted to wrap this little boy up in my arms and let him know how proud I am of him. I wanted to nurture the innocence he imbued and I wanted to protect it at all costs. The honest gaze on his face was all I needed as a remembrance that purity and virtue exist and can be upheld in this malevolent world. 


As we get older, our levels of tolerance and patience begin to dissipate. How unfortunate it is that these things drive us away from the only thing that’s worth experiencing in this world: joyous bliss. We turn children away from us, shoo them away while we disconnect with the real world and oppositely connect with the virtual. Why watch a funny video of a child when you have yours in front of you that’s been waiting all day for Mommy to get home and talk about his day and how he played with his toys? Think about how children act out and why. Children are aware of their surroundings. We might think they are oblivious, but in turn they are very sensible to life and the way adults speak to them. The downfall of these recent generations and the generations to come is our own doing. We need to preserve them.


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