Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Getting Ready For Fall

First and foremost, I want to point out the very detailed photography by Garrett Bratcher. This has probably been one of my favorite shoots due to the study and cleanliness of his work. I would really recommend checking him out if you're ever in need of a photographer in the Seattle area! I will have all his links at the end!

Hello Beautiful People!

Oh how I've missed you. As the long summer days come to an end and the cold fall season approaches, I see most people give up on trying to dress more professionally. We get discouraged that we're going to look trashy and probably always end up wearing sweats and a hoodie because it's more comfortable and easier than actually getting ready. Fear not! I'm here to save you. Don't worry girls, I always got your back.

I've been analyzing the reasons as to why most of us ladies default to wearing baggy and boyish clothing during the colder months. I know that I used to do it because of how much easier it is than having to dress up in the morning. Or how it's less comfortable to look nice and presentable because of all the accessories and layers that we have to take into consideration. While yes, most of the times that is true, I'm gonna explain to you all the different ways in which we can be comfy, warm, and stylish all at the same time in the days to come.

Shell: The first thing that I recommend having is a big coat. I think that this is such an essential item to have in your wardrobe for the transition from having nice weather to the rainy/cloudy days. My reasoning behind this is how a coat (whether that be fur, trench, or pea) is just so easy to take off/put on and that it'll for sure protect you against the wind. What I like to do in the fall time is wear an outfit that consists of a two finger tank top -even a crop top, or just one layer. When I wear a tank/summer shirt and throw on a coat, I have that option of taking that coat off for those bipolar weather moments when it gets hot, and then when it gets cold again I put it back on and I look put together and warm. It's also very comfortable. I can still maneuver easily and not have to worry about multiple jacket layers and hoodies or have to take off the hoodie when it gets hot and ruin my hair as it goes over my head (okay ladies this may be silly but come on you know you care about your hair getting ruined). To conclude, I want to reiterate that wearing a coat is an easy way of achieving that "wow" factor without having to try so hard or layer a lot. Play with the textures and colors!

Top: I wore a tank crop top for this outfit merely because I didn't want many layers when wearing fur since it would get quite uncomfortable in my opinion. Wearing a sleeveless top ables you to move easily. The best part is that you won't get too cold wearing just this as opposed to wearing a long-sleeve and a coat because it hasn't hit winter yet. Even if it is a bit colder on a certain day and you choose to wear a long-sleeve, you can wear a lace top that is still a bit lighter and more manageable than wearing a sweater underneath. Additionally, I want to note that colors are okay! I know a lot of people are frightened by the idea of being "too colorful" and standing out, but I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. Mixing different patterns and prints that consist of many colors can add a certain element of sophistication to the look if you do it the right way-(be careful because sometimes it can just look tacky and too busy). When I see multiple prints and textures I immediately think high fashion. Again, this is subject to how each person likes to dress and what they feel comfortable wearing so this may not apply to you and that's okay! All I'm saying is don't limit yourself.

"Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu". -Kenzo Takada

Shoes: For shoes I would say go for anything that you're comfortable in. I've seen many girls wearing a simple pair of jeans, lace tank, long coat and a pair of white sneakers for shoes. Wearing a coat doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have a fancier shoe. In fact I think it looks more stylish to experiment and wear something as simple as sneakers. Whatever comforts you; that's the goal.

As for accessories, ditch statement necklaces and huge earrings. Simple dainty rings or even a necklace will create the illusion that you worked hard on putting your fit together when in reality it's just one small item you're adding.

Now I didn't include a section about bottoms because I feel like that's not the major problem in terms of fall. Just a simple pair of any type of jean -whether that be ripped or not.

Hope you enjoyed my tips on how to stay looking nice and pretty even in the colder months to come! Talk to you soon:)

Outfit Details:
Top: Pacsun
Trousers: Brandy Melville
Coat: Bershka
Shoes: Stradivarius

Garrett's Info:

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