Friday, April 26, 2019

Keeping Up With the Lebanese

Hello my BEAUTIFUL people!

It's been so long since I've blogged for you:( Haha I say this all the time shame on me. Both school and work have caught up with me but I'm finally getting back on track.

I never thought that college would be this difficult. Not just homework, but maintaining a social life, my internship, work, family responsibilities and making time for myself is a very challenging thing. I get so lost and exhausted in keeping up with all these undertakings that making time to get ready for an occasion or even something as simple as work is too much to handle. To overcome this obstacle, what I have been doing lately is reaching my happy place. This might sound silly, but don't worry I'm going to hold your hand and walk you through it. It's quite simple actually. No, let me rephrase. It's very simple and there are minimal steps. My secret is as follows; I lay down for a minimum of five minutes whilst listening to music and think of anything that makes me encounter feelings of nostalgia. It is after all the past that makes us yearn for the future as it gives us reason to carry on. Again, this might be a foreign activity to exercise but I guarantee after those five minutes, which may seem like a short amount of time, can ultimately make a difference in your mood. At this point in the post you also might be wondering why I'm rambling on about nostalgia to attain a zen environment and clear headspace. The point is that once you do this, you can get into an emotional state which can provide feelings of happiness. Once you become happier, it's easier to feel motivated to get ready and all glammed up to leave the house! Now I understand that this might not be true for everyone, so do whatever you deem necessary to get into an optimistic and more positive mood. After trial and error, I figured out this was one of the fastest and easiest ways for me to feel motivated to get dolled up. I actually used this method just yesterday after frantically overwhelming myself with how I needed to finish some work I had due last night and balance my busy weekend schedule. Moral is that at the end of those five minutes I would have momentarily forgot my concerns and whatever I was worrying about.

Today I felt like I needed to bust out my creative juices. What better way than to dress in a yellow two piece? Let's also not forget the leopard print headscarf of course. Who would I be without that? Always have to stand out somehow.

I honestly believe that yellow isn't necessarily a color that is easy for me to execute (especially head to toe haha), but when I saw this fit I knew I had to have it for Spring. While it is only one color, there is so much happening throughout the set. There were so many reasons for why I was attracted to it. The first being that the A-line skirt is not only high waisted, *which is still in, yay!* but also has a loose ruffled hem. The hem is unique in itself because it isn't extremely ruffled or poofy which allows for a more effortless and casual look. On another note, I don't always like skirts because you have to fix them every few minutes or some other maintenance has to take place, but this skirt makes it very easy not having to worry about those issues and still look cute! Now we have to talk about these buttons as well because, well wow. I usually overlook small embellishments like that, but these buttons are distinctive to the set due to the offset colors and shapes. Lastly, I have to discuss the flattering matching top. The crop is a perfect length and the open back adds an extra "oopmh" to the whole look.

Even though this whole look is yellow and "out there", there's so much versatility that resides in it because you can mix and match the top with other bottoms and the skirt with numerous tops. Options are obviously endless. The best part of it all is seeing as it is fabricated from linen, you can dress it up or down. You could wear chunky white sneakers with it, a simple heel, Birkenstocks or any other sandal for that matter. Again there are literally so many options.

What I ended up doing is keeping things on the casual side but still adding a few twists to make it my own. I left the house with this outfit on, my hair in braids, a bright lip, but I knew I was missing something. I told my friend Hani (in above pictures) that we needed to stop somewhere; I needed a scarf in my hair. We ended up at a thrift store in Seattle, of course we had to indulge in our hipster vibes. There, I laid my eyes on that leopard print scarf which I immediately had to have to complete my look! I think that it ended up being the perfect addition and tied everything together. Crazy how just one simple item can make a whole look stand out.

The scarf is where I think part of my Lebanese side comes out. I improvise and even when it might not make sense at first, the end result cannot be ignored. My mom was the one who taught me this. Sometimes I'll be wearing something and she'll come into my room with an item that I would have never imagined would look good with said outfit, and yet she surprises me every time because it ends up looking amazing. So I encourage you to dive into something you might have thought might not work and make it work for you. Grab something that you think will make your outfit pop and try to incorporate it into your look. You never know, you could end up surprising yourself as they usually say...

On that note I will leave you with this, HAVE FUN! Try to destress, get dressed and go out. Burn off some steam then come back and engulf yourself in your worries later. Let yourself thrive in imagination. Just take a little time for yourself and have fun so that you can come back and deal with reality. I know that's what I do:)

Stay beautiful ladies

Outfit details:

Shoes: Steve Madden Bandi Sandal
Earrings: Express

I've linked both skirt and top for you guys if you wanted to shop them!



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