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Hope you've all been well lately!
I'm excited to say I recently worked with Kerra Mae Sheehan from LuLaRoe clothing. All her links will be down below:)

When I received my capsule wardrobe I was shaken at how many outfits I could put together with just the few items. I love how each item is so versatile that you can honestly pair it with anything and everything and also wear it in different styles. In my capsule wardrobe there was a cardigan, tee shirt, skirt, dress, and leggings (which are the softest leggings you'll ever come across!) The way I've been styling my tee is by tying it and wearing a statement necklace with jeans, or wearing it over other long sleeve tops, etc. I also was able to create so many different looks with the "Julia" dress. I paired it with the leggings and made it into a top, or I would wear it as it is and accessorize with a bunch of bracelets; I even wore it with the classic tee that was in the wardrobe. What I enjoyed about it is that the color was perfect for the upcoming months and is a great fit for the spring to summer transition. The leggings happen to be the most famous item on my list because they're so incredibly soft. There are so many prints that make any outfit exciting and fun!

The colors and prints that LuLaRoe has to offer are almost endless which is why it's so fun to shop there! Additionally, my admiration to Kerra and this brand is in relation to how the clothing caters to every body type to make anyone feel special in what they choose to wear. Kerra's statement is truly beautiful,

                      "My mission is to introduce you to beautiful well fitting clothing-with personality-so that you can (re)define yourself as the STRONG gorgeously- created unique woman you are meant to be." 

She is super sweet and will help you pick out items that will surely make you look amazing and unique!

Here are additional things you might like to know about this brand:

-There are over 40 styles that are not leggings!
-Each pattern is only made into a maximum of 5000 items per print 
-Every factory involved is held to high ethical standards to ensure you can feel good about the clothing you wear 
-LuLaRoe is dedicated to empowering women
-The very first LuLaRoe style was the Maxi skirt 
-LuLaRoe clothing is only sold through independent retailers to provide a more personalized shopping experience
-They use over 50 different materials and over 90 percent of the artwork is original and done by the LuLaRoe team

Kerra's upcoming event April 8th- https://www.facebook.com/events/569276460122444/?ti=cl

Contact info:

LuLaRoe Kerra Mae in NE Seattle
Insta @LuLaRoeKerraMae

Sizes I wore and details: 

Julia- small
Cassie- xs
Classic tee- xxs
leggings- small 

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