Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day!!

Hello Lovelies!!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I just thought I'd share my thoughts along with the products I used to produce this look!

Everyone keeps asking me, "Yasmeena, what do I wear on the date? What's too much? What will he/she think?" To be completely frank, I happen to think that while yes, you should dress to impress, you should also be dressed in what's also in your comfort zone. This is no time to be taking chances and going in the other direction. You want to be dressed in what you know looks good so that you don't question yourself and lose focus on the main thing; aka your date ahaha. For example, if you usually wear neutral tones on a daily basis, I suggest staying in that range so you are comfortable. This means no wearing pink and going all out! However, for you daredevils out there that are like me and are not usually intimidated by opinions regarding your style, I say go for it!! Wear that red dress with that bold glossy red lip. My only tip is to make sure you are positive of what you decide to wear and how your makeup looks, again, so that you don't get distracted about how you look whilst on your date.

For all the ladies sitting at home like me this year😂 , don't worry I got your back. We're still gonna look amazing and do something with our girlfriends. Check out how I did my makeup down below!

Lately I've been using BB cream because it's a bit more sheer than foundation and I happen to like the light base look. So for eyes, I started out with a brown and worked around my "C" shape. I continued to blend in a little lilac as well as a baby pink. Then for the lips I used a metallic matte liquid lip which I happen to love because it gives that shiny look without the actual goo and getting your hair stuck on it. With that same applicator for the lip, I dotted on two dots next to my eye for an added touch. And of course you can't forget blush!!


Maybelline dream BB shade 110
Komask HD finishing powder in Crystal
NYX soft matte metallic lip cream shade SMMLC10
Million lashes mascara by L'oreal
Benefit goof proof brow pencil shade 5
Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow
Samoa eyeshadow palette NO. 44

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