Friday, April 28, 2023

Lessons Learned


Hello my BEAUTIFUL souls!!

I miss writing to you. As an apology for my being dormant in sharing content, I'd like to share with you a story today:

I'd always asked for the same color for my nails: Ballet Slipper Pink - shade 496.

On my right-hand side sat an elderly woman who almost resembled Betty White – which is why I took a particular liking to her. When deciding on a color from the endless catalog the salon offered, she selected this bright vibrant sparkly coral color. I thought to myself, how ugly a color? I personally would never choose that as it looked a bit silly. What was somebody’s grandma doing electing a color so absurd for her age one might think? 


We sat for a few more moments when she then turned to me and said, "You know, I pick a different color every time I come here." To which I replied, "Yeah! Why not?! I typically stray away from any color that isn’t a baby pink, but it's cool that you’re changing it up all the time!” She then uttered to me, "I'm just living life the best I can until my cut off time in 6 months. I thought why not choose a fun color every time I come with the time that I have left? These are all the colors I’ve wanted to try but never dared get……”


At that point, all I could do was sit in awe. I sat in awe at this remarkable woman. This woman who realized it was time to live for herself despite it being almost too late. A woman who wasn't scared of what others thought. A woman who was brave enough to live out the remainder of her life as she pleased, even through the simplest of details. 


That plain trip to the nail salon was one of the most imperative encounters in my life. It's the day my 17 year old self started to understand how not to care. Be a good human. It's so simple. It's that simple. That's the basic guideline and golden rule. It’s the fundamental. Help others, be kind, stay humble. Isn’t it quite crazy how we destroy ourselves based on how others perceive us? Consequently, isn't it crazy how we destroy others based on how we perceive them? 

We acquire degrees for "prestige". We profligate money on designer handbags to show our "worth" within society. We pick nail colors based on how we'll be regarded at work. We hold our lives in our hands, these incredibly precious lives. Who is anyone to judge you and hold you back from living your best life? 


Those with strong personalities who do what they want are true leaders, while those who need to show their worth due to insecurities are followers.


Don’t be conventional.


Be you, breathe you, live you.

Much love,

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