Friday, December 15, 2017

Natural Goes A Long Way

There are a lot of ways to reach happiness. In the world of makeup, girls are often happy when they purchase products and play around with the different shades, liquids, etc. I can't lie, I love makeup as well, but sometimes you just have to stray away from the artificial and just be yourself. Now, I know many people may disagree with me saying they can do whatever they want and that makeup makes them content, and I'm not saying makeup is a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I have also had the same response before.. you know, the whole "I can wear what I want and you can't tell me what to do." And although I would usually use all these products on my face, lately I have been fond of the idea of me being me. This might sound confusing so, allow me to explain. In the beginning of this year I was very attached to make up, fake nails, and eyelash extensions and I was trying to be something that I'm not.

During this time, my sister kept telling me that I need to embrace my natural beauty and stray away from the plastic. I continuously ignored her every time. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I decided to listen to her and be myself. I got rid of the nails, eyelashes (which by the way, in my opinion, made me look ugly), and cut back on the makeup I was using. When I did this, I saw my true self, and I loved it. I love looking into the mirror and seeing me. What I learned to do with makeup was to enhance my already existing features. I still experiment with colors etc., but now on a lesser scale. AND GUESS WHAT? I love it. Everyone looks different and that's the beauty of our diverse world. We can look beautiful with tons of makeup, no doubt, but we can end up looking completely different than our true selves. This is why I believe that cutting down on the amount of products you use can result in a more beautiful version of yourself as opposed to a beautiful yet fake version. What I love most now, is that when I do take off my makeup, I still end up being me. No longer am I sad when I take off my makeup that I didn't look like that one "perfect" human being that I thought I was and wanted to be.

With all that said, whenever you want to go for that full glam, go for it!! All that I am trying to articulate is that most often than not, you should be conveyed as your true self because I know you're beautiful in your own way, and if you have imperfections, that's okay because we all do! Don't let that overshadow everything else about you that’s beautiful. Use makeup but look like you. It's always best to be you, embrace it.

xoxo, Yasmeena

Dress- Abrecrombie
Top- Brandy Melville
Trousers- Brandy Melville
Braceletes- Alex and Anni
Heels- Steve Madden


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