Monday, December 18, 2017

Why Komask?

You might be wondering, what's Komask? It happens to be my favorite makeup brand at the moment. Yes, I do have a lot of products from other brands that I absolutely cannot live without, but as for the cohesiveness of this brand,  I love it because nearly all the products have been perfected and are great to use.

I specifically love this brand's quality and its fulfillment to being long lasting. That's such a plus for me due to long work days or if I'm out for the night so I don't have to worry about what my makeup ended up looking like. Another reason for me preferring Komask products over all else is the fact that I'm able to achieve that natural look with 4D full coverage without the makeup looking too much or very fake. I've suggested this brand to many people and they have all ended up liking it. I say take a chance, try it!

xoxo, Yasmeena

Here's a list of the products that I currently use in my daily routine:
                        Illuminating Foundation Primer -Bronze
                        HD Finish Foundation
                        TV Stix- Ivory
                        HD Finishing Powder- Crystal Clear 
                        Blush- Sun Blush (Bronzer)
                        Loose Powder- 2W
                        Matte Liquid Lip Shade- M12- Sienna

*Liquid Lip used shade- M06-Skiny

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