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I’m Yasmeena Ghazal, 19 years old living in Seattle, Washington, and beyond excited that I have finally launched my own site to share with you my interest in fashion. As a child, I loved to flip through my mom’s Vogue magazines and look at all the models dressed in unique clothing. Ever since then, I have been implementing my own flair whilst incorporating pieces that a lot of girls in my age range wouldn’t usually wear because of the boldness of some items. In this way, I hope to broaden the scope of fashion to women of all ages and show them that it’s okay to be different sometimes. My mom herself has also had a huge impact on my skill because of her own bold statements. I appreciate all types of apparel, and I again owe my creativity in pairing different materials/textures, colors, and fabrics to my mother.

I continuously rotate from style to style, and for this reason I feel like my blog will cater to all people. If you love exploring ideas on how to elevate your wardrobe, you’ll feel right at home here. Guaranteed fashion inspiration and overall lifestyle advice from ongoing posts.

Yes, I have just started my page, but my experience has accumulated over time as I have worked with people in the industry before.

You will find all of my posts here including updates on Instagram and Twitter!

xoxo, Yasmeena 


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