Friday, December 15, 2017

Something I Learned...

People are always going to judge. Ten or a hundred years from now that will never change and almost everyone knows this. However, the reason I want to address this is because of how I used to get judged for what I wear. I never went with the popular, trending, basic style like wearing yoga pants and white crop top with Birkenstocks. You don’t have to stick to that trend because you all girls seem to be wearing it. Know what looks good on you and use that to enhance your own style. I’m not saying that wearing said outfit is wrong (because obviously people can wear what they want), but I want to implement my unique palette and offer help to girls who are too shy to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. Fortunately for me, my Lebanese cultural background has prompted me to embrace all types of fashion. I am not frightened by wearing something different and adding pops of color here and there.

Again, going back to the judgment, I used to get made fun for wearing button down vests, ribbed scarves, funky earrings or even lace up leg ties. When someone commented on something they didn’t like, I used to immediately take it off, and my parents would question as to why I changed my outfit or threw away that “different” piece that I wore. The process went on for a while until I realized that the sheltered environment of those people prevented them from being exposed to other styles of fashion.

This past summer, I went through my old Vogue magazines and watched YSL, Moschino, and Betsy Johnson fashion shows. That helped me recognize that there are in fact different styles and to be bold by wearing new things is to stand out. I went back to expressing myself through what I wore whether that meant putting chopsticks in my hair or wearing the dark lips that most people stay away from. After a few compliments from people who came from other countries who didn’t restrict themselves to one style of clothing, I re-gained confidence. This was a lesson for me because it helped me learn to never be afraid of self expression and to ignore the judgment. Don’t let anyone stop you from being who you are and limit yourself to how you want to appear. With that said, know your limits. Remember to take feedback from all, not just one person, and then decide what you will do. Experience all cultures and fashions and simply apply what you admire onto yourself.

Have fun with your outfits! I wore this headband around my head along with the purple shades to spice up my outfit and make it go from boring to BAM with only two small accessories. Don't be afraid to stand out sometimes. Another easy way to spice up your fit is by doing something as simple as tying a silk handkerchief around a handbag as I've done here. It can make any bag have that extra "wow" factor. There's so many simple tricks that will advance your style and make it look chic, all you have to do is think outside the box!

xoxo, Yasmeena 


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